Experienced senior designer with a swiss-army skillset

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Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

I’m an ambitious and results-driven designer, with a trained eye for detail and an appreciation for simplicity.

I’m comfortable directing, mentoring, and providing insight into creative, sales and marketing proposals for high-value outcomes. With a diverse background in product design, photography, 3D modelling, jewellery making and graphic design, I’m a hybrid of ‘technical meets creative’; both conceptual and practical.


I love photography. My experience stretches through product, corporate portraits, corporate events, weddings and even touches into sport. One of my most exciting highlights was shooting the NFL at Wembley Stadium.

The ability to take a well composed photo says a lot about a person’s ability to understand perspective.

Design Lead

Design Lead

A big part of my responsibility is to create engaging projects across all mediums, always with the end-user in mind. Over my career, Print and Digital design have gone very much hand-in-hand. My diverse background in design extends through to on-screen presentations, interactive PDFs, 3D modelling, photography and jewellery making. Each area of focus has helped me to become a resourceful Creative harbouring the practical experience to lead with confidence and success.

A signature colour can boost brand recognition by 80%

– Color Matters

Brand identity

Helping your customers understand who you are is essential. By visually gift-wrapping your service, a lifestyle and an attitude are born.


Content is important to help customers understand who you are, but a well designed, consistent and elevated deck keeps you on point.


Working with others should always involve a process. The ability to recognise and call out areas for improvement is the first step to add value.

77% of b2b marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth

– Circle Research