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Feeling Jammy!

It’s January and we welcome the new year with fresh ideas, plenty of exercise and lots of jam on toast. Friday 13th is unlucky for some, but I’m feeling jammy today.

This is actually a concept jam. It’s not yet in production, but if it were to be produced then it’s quite possible that it could be the finest jam produced in Wiltshire. Let’s hope so. Apologies for the nonsense post.

Wedding: Steve & Sammy in Exmouth - Photographed by Oliver Milburn inspiration

Exmouth Wedding Hits The Headlines!

Steve and Sammy (stars of the South West) were married on Saturday 18th of August in Exmouth. Today, their wedding made it to the local news papers who will be receiving more photos from Steve and Sammy in the next few days. Congratulations to the happy couple and well done on making it in to the headlines!

Link to the article in the September 12th issue of “This Is Exeter”

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Artwork vs Needlework

My sister made me aware of a company this morning called Child’s Own Studio. The concept is quite simple: to make children’s drawings come to life!

In my opinion, this is right up there with sliced bread. What an amazing idea! I love the range of colourful and imaginative soft toys that this woman makes. All designed purely by children.

I’ve custom made a few hundred soft toys based on children’s drawings, each one as unique as the child who drew it.

I can’t help but think what the world would be like if more decisions were made via the humble crayon… There is no argument that the concept is an inspirational one and I wish her and her business all the best for the future.

See more of Child’s Own Studio creations here.