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First post!

…and after a lot of thought, I have decided to write this short post about the most popular topic from my last blog! It shouldn’t take you long to guess what it was about?…

Why are cats such a massive hit on the internet? Writing something about cats – or maybe just an article with the word ‘cat’ in the subject -pretty much guarantees you success. And by success I mean attention. Not necessarily the same thing by any means but the intention of any first blog post should be to introduce the readers to your website and to attract attention to it using innovative ways. Strolling in to a HGV training company on Tottenham Court Road with a load of gas strapped to you and demanding a free HGV licence is of course another way to turn some heads, but some chap beat me to it this morning. My point is that bad news makes great news (as we all very well know) and cat news is the remedy to bad news. So after all the bad news today, this left me with no choice but to even it out with a little cat post. (sorry if you’re a dog person).

I almost wrote a post on Oliver Milburn. No, not me. The other guy. The other Oliver Milburn. He’s a period actor who stole my space on Wikipedia before I had a chance to get famous enough to claim it for myself. So I kind of see this guy as myself, 11 years from now when we’ll be living in solar powered hot air balloons and farming on the moon.

I’m changing the subject back to cats because, although I respect good old ‘Ol’ for getting famous by doing acting, I don’t want to stray from my topic too far because it is important that my posts have a structure and a sense of direction. I read that somewhere.

So, about this image. I love it. I found it online somewhere. It was taken by Theresa Knudson; a woman with whom I share two things in common. Firstly, she loves her cat. And secondly, she loves photography and she’s inspired by taking beautiful photos. So hats off to her and her great idea to turn her sleeping cat in to a blissfully unaware internet sensation.

And now, for those who don’t know me or haven’t worked with me: a little about myself. Other than my camera, my cat and my fiance, I love crispy seaweed and Indian food. I enjoy visual presentation and looking at interesting layouts which inspire me to be creative. Art working is also something I enjoy immensely because it’s an immersive (apparently that’s not a real word) past-time which is rewarding when completed. Designing layouts and structures for catalogues (also not a word) and interfaces is also very enjoyable and usually more challenging than everything else. But it’s a great feeling knowing that a piece of work you designed and produced is changing and improving the lives of others around you. I really like that.

This site pulls together my previous two websites under one friendly interface, which is responsive by the way, try it out on your iPad or mobile browser. With the exception of this one cat post, the content on this site is all new because I want it to be fresh and exciting and fun to look at. If you take the time to look through my work, I hope you enjoy it.

My previous most popular blog article read:

Bears obviously love fish because they fish shoulder deep in rivers. Cats hate water. Cats love fish. Every supermarket cat food is available in ‘fish flavour’. When did cats develop such an obsession for fish?

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