Imaginatively creative, impressively energetic and frustratingly humbling!

The Cantina circus opened in London on 8th May 2012. We visited yesterday on 20th and came away with a unanimous feeling of bewilderment and awe. The production was absolutely amazing. Like nothing I had ever seen. The team comprises of three men and two women, each boasting a superhuman array of skills – including tight-rope walking, gymnastics, acrobatics, illusion, contortion and even singing!

I loved the style of the production and the whole atmosphere the circus tent added to the experience. The staff are friendly and the drinks are reasonably priced for a central London venue. I strongly recommend booking a ticket and it doesn’t matter where you sit because the stage is in the centre of the tent. The performance was truly exceptional and frustratingly humbling. I really should go to the gym…

Cantina. Previewing in London until September 2012.

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